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Julia Royston is an up-n-coming Gospel Music talent and much more.  Find this music video on EnLive Smart TV Apps!

Zambian Artist Sticka reminds us of the proverb that says: 'There is no sweet without sweat'. Find this music video on EnLive Smart TV Apps!

Word and Life Media of South African Brings us "I Live it" their newest worship music single. Find their music video on EnLive Smart TV Apps!

Christian Library on Demand is proud to partner with...

Halleluyah Radio, based in Regina, Saskatchewan, is a Christian internet radio station dedicated to the praise and worship of our Lord Jesus Christ. We play a wide range of Christian music such as praise and worship from around the world, gospel, classic hymns and Christmas music. A selected few talk programs will be added in the future.

Believers Today is an outreach organization, founded by Jett Edwards in 2010, with a vast network of human & technological resources - from digital and media technology, to musicians, singers, dancers, graphic designers and business owners - people of various cultures and backgrounds worldwide united together to uplift the spirits and hearts of others through the power of music.