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Christian Library On Demand

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Virtual TV Channels

We provide a tool box which allows content owners and aggregators to simply develop a TV channel and launch it to the application of their desire.  We provide:  Video Assets Management, 1 TB of memory, Playlist generator, Content Management, Content Distribution and Stream Carriage.

Apps Distribution is Included!

We are ready to distribute your apps in the Apple, Google Play and Roku app stores today.  However, we provide TV Everywhere for our clients to ensure they have the reach to monetize their content.

Signal Carriage is our Foundation!

Our StreamUnlimited service carries your channel worldwide as a stream in any format needed to distribute your content.  We provide 1TB of Bandwidth per month to start and unlimited streaming to carry your channel worldwide.  Our technology saves you 90% on the costs of bandwidth.  This allows you unlimited opportunities to distribute your channel worldwide to Cable, IPTV & OTT platforms.  YOUR CONTENT IS FREE of limitations.  Upload, Organize and Publish where you want, when you want.  

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