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Christian Library On Demand

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The Next Level of Faith-Based Programming

More and more faith-based films and shows are being produced, however they are being produced without the benefit of customer data.  They are being produced without a viable business model.  We are an industry of one-offs.  The CLD has the business model which will help establish faith-based programming permanently and prepare a platform which will ensure market share well into the future.  Are you a filmmaker, a TV show producer, a writer for secular programs?  Do you desire to use your talent to produce faith-based programming.  Then contact us, as we move into new areas, there will opportunities for you to fulfill this dream.

We are seeking investors who understand the future of streaming video as it relates to all entertainment platforms.  Many believe that TV, radio and cable are being disrupted, but this idea is mostly media hype.  The revenues, customer data and capital spending of the TV, cable and radio industries tell a different story.  If you are an informed investor, we have great opportunities for profit in faith-based films and distribution.  Please contact us for more information.

The CLD offers our content in the cloud for your streaming video needs.  Looking for family friendly content to have available for your device users?  We can bring you hundreds of hours of content ready to use.  The CLD is seeking content bundling opportunities.  Content bundling is when you add our TV shows and movies to your current products or services and a value-added feature.  While your audience is enjoying our TV shows and movies they will see your advertisements and promotions to encourage repeat business.  We can offer our content digitally any where in the world, just contact us and let's partner for success today!

The EnLive brand was the 1st Christian VOD only offering on cable in the USA.  We provide direct to consumer access for faith-based content on the oldest and most used digital platforms.  Subscribe to EnLive on the Yahoo TV (VIZIO), Samsung Smart Hub and Android TV (Google TV) App stores.  EnLive has display, commercial insertion and multi-app advertising.  EnLive has what you need to reach smart TV app audiences.  Smart TV is smart advertising.  It is a way to reach a TV audience without paying TV advertising costs.  EnLive was developed to support business and institutions who have a global audience and need long term marketing strategies which preserve resources.  Start Advertising on EnLive Smart TV Apps today!