Christian Library On Demand

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What is SHAMA Music Services?

  • Shama is an opportunity to develop consistent digital music sales 
  • Shama is a new mobile & streaming co-op via a niche marketing channel 
  • Shama is song and brand based sales and distribution of music titles

Who can submit to Shama Music Services?

  • Independent Christian Music Artists
  • Christian Music Labels
  • Religious Institutions

What do we Accomplish for our Customers?

  • We take your brand to the sky through continual advertising
  • We plant your brand around the world through global digital distribution

Our Sales Process

  • We build your target audiences based upon the type of entertainment which appeals to them.   
  • We pitch your audience with a sales video which introduces the artists and song, samples the music and instructs the user where to purchase your music.
  • We distribute your music into digital outlets around the world allowing easy access to your music. 

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This is a campaign based program based upon a 12-month commitment from the customer. Customers should be prepared to engage new audiences developed by these services. Our advertising services should be a part of a multi-tactical marketing campaign, not a stand alone effort. 

Contact us for more sponsorship opportunities at 1-720-275-5387 or email us HERE