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Christian Library On Demand

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Go Live in the Schedule or Create Additional Channels!

Go live for sports, awards or conferences!  Our Live Streaming Services can go Live within a Playlist or Go Live by creating an additional branded channel for no additional cost.  Now any live event can be streamed on your channel or apps, allowing you to make money on content which is popular enough to monetize, which was before non-viable for business.  With production costs lowered by lower equipment costs, and personnel costs, you can produce live events like the major networks which appeal directly to your audience.  Our efficiencies are the last mile to profitable application of live events delivery to paying niche audiences.

Our Live Events: Colorado Blizzard Arena Soccer, Autism Society of Colorado, Western Union, Community Reach Center (Mental Health), St. James Presbyterian Church, Denver Black Pages 

The CLD has traveled this live streaming and virtual channel road, so now we know the best practices which will save you time and resources.  CLD Consulting is Streaming Video Apps Development which comes with the apps development package.  As well as a history of our own apps development for cable, video on demand, mobile apps, smart TV apps, and smart devices.  The CLD was founded on the resources of the Unity Media Services, a video production company with live event production experiences, audiovisual integration, live sports, original program production, promotions and commercial production.  Terrence A. Lovett has 28 years of Streaming, VOD, Television, Cable, Satellite and Fiber Broadcasting experiences available to support your video streaming projects.  You have come to the right place!  Contact us today!

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