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Christian Library On Demand

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A Christian Entertainment Resource for the development, distribution and sales of Christian Entertainment content.

Founded in March 2011

Located in the Denver, CO Region


Investors, Film Finance, Content Sponsors, Content Bundling Opportunities, Music Talent, Film Crew Talent, TV Production Talent, Graphic Artists & Promotional Partnerships

Problem We Solve

Entertainment content no longer reflects the values of the viewing audiences.  Entertainment is generally viewed as an untrustworthy influence. We provide entertainment that you can trust.

Target Market

2.7 Billion Users of Mobile, Smart TV, Web and Connected Devices,

Appealing equally to all ages, seeking safe content to consume, willing to subscribe & purchase, but favoring free content, with greater interest in original content. 

CLD Advantage

We have explored several business models, and taken the time to listen to users.  What you see today is the result of 5 years of business development and experiences.  We are no longer exploring, we have a map to success!

Christian Library on Demand, LLC

Company Overview

We are a vertically integrated content development, distribution and sales organization.  We draw income from content development, sponsorship, promotions, distribution and sales.  Through our brands we provide the initiative and services needed to monetize family friendly content. 


Christian Library on Demand is a world Christian Entertainment available on demand!

ENLIVE tv Live Streaming and Virtual TV channels is our newest division.  Now we offer the same platforms we have to you.  You can have your own TV channel, in every app store and distributed wherever you want it.

ENLIVE Smart TV Apps is Streaming Video Apps on the top smart TV apps stores.  We have PPV, Free content, and subscription content on this Mega-App which reaches more than 130K+ households worldwide.

CLD Select is original content development & distribution in theaters, cable, digital, worldwide.  CLD Select is Film Representation and Sales, DVD Sales and Digital Distribution.  We distribute our titles on all platforms worldwide.

Christian Entertainment Analytics is Business Analytics for the Christian entertainment business, based upon industry research and CLD customer analytics.

SHAMA Music Services is partnering with independent arts to provide Music Promotions & Digital Distribution.  We provide access to retail platforms and faith-based audiences worldwide.

Ways to Invest

Invest in the Christian Library on Demand

Finance Original Content

Sponsor CLD Programming 

Currently Available & Product Placement in Original Content 

Develop Original Content and Lease Space on CLD Platforms

Contact us Today and Invest in the Christian Library on Demand!
(720) 275-5387 or Email us at info@christianlibraryondemand.com