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Log Line:  To err is human, but “Computers don’t lie”.  Mistakes may cost money or lives.  When a lawyer becomes a pawn of the machine, she quickly discovers how hard it is to defend against the word of a computer.  
We are currently seeking more Talent and Funding for this title.


SYNOPSIS:  After a traumatic experience, due to civil conflict, Nakita’s little brother needs surgery to restore his ability to walk.  Nakita decides to enter a dance contest to win the money to pay for his brother’s medical care.  On the journey, he finds trials and tribulations which test his determination to win.  

STATUS:  Just dance is about 70% shot and is in need of additional funding due to the sudden lose of a business partner.  This film can be dubbed in English and distributed worldwide.  It is an action-packed dancing adventure with a light-hearted message and extraordinary stunts.  Take advantage of this opportunity to develop the next awesome dance movie perfect for digital outlets!


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CLD Select Distribution

The CLD Select is the distribution brand of the Christian Library on Demand (CLD).  Its mission is to acquire film and video content for use on CLD platforms.  As our company has adapted to our marketplace, we have found that the content that we seek to express the brand and vision of ENLIVE and the CLD simply does not exist in quantities that can sustain our channel.  Today CLD Select Distribution also produces content for distribution on CLD Platforms.    


CLD Distribution distributes it's content on digital platforms worldwide including CLD Platforms, Apple iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Television & Cable outlets.  Our goal is to distribute our content into movie theaters and across every channel of distribution, including print and retail for adjacent licensing and branding of our productions.


CLD Select provides sales support for our titles for digital SVOD, cable and TV sales.  Soon our titles will be available on DVD at your local retailer.  Check back here soon for links to purchase our titles.  If your sales opportunities are for family friendly content, we would like to connect with you.  Contact us today and let's make a deal!


"Together Forever" mini-series

After Natasha's death, Alexander and their daughter Sonya go on a vacation to grieve and reconnect.  Sonia is kidnapped and Alexander has is faced with losing is family and his faith. In a frantic search for Sonia, he will do anything to find her and save his family and himself.

STATUS: "Together Forever" is a Mini-Series produced by our partners in the Ukraine.  It is currently being subtitled in English. It has 4 episodes of about 42 minutes each.  This is an action packed series with the desperation of love and family at its center.  It will soon be available online on digital outlets. 

"Naked Life" travel series

The Naked Life show is an adventurous, romantic, environmentally friendly and family oriented program about travel, exploring and enjoying life.  As a newlywed couple we believe there is no end to adventures if we seek them with eyes open and we appreciate the opportunity to share our discoveries. 

STATUS: "Naked Life" is in production with 3 episodes completed.  This series is ideal for targeting young adults with an adventurous spirit. This is a new travel show from a new generation's view.