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CLD Partners

What can your company bring to the Christian Library on Demand?

What can the Christian Library on Demand bring to your company?

WMGW is our link to the Music Industry, International Business, Talent, Content, Promotions, Marketing etc...  We celebrate the strength of our partnership and the future of our business.  The Christian Library on Demand is proud to have Wiggins Media Group Worldwide as a partner business on our journey to international distribution and business development.  

The Black Art Depot is our link to African-American Christian artistic expression.  Culture is important to maintaining quality of life.  When the culture is impacted by negative images, our quality of life is diminished.  However when we invest in images which reinforce God's view of life, then our quality of life will rise.  Invest in images which inspire, motivate and capture our ambition for a better life!  Invest in art which reinforces your faith!

Divine Image Cosmetics is our link to a heavenly perspective on beauty and self image. It is also our first product from a Christian company. Our culture has twisted the female image and diminished it into various aspects of life.  It has been used to sell products and services and others have sought to redefine femininity without the counsel of God's Word.  The utility of the female image has harmed women and caused them to struggle with their identity.  God's image is our standard and trusting in Him while showing our love, acceptance and compassion to those struggle is a better path.  We believe that humanity is the family of God and His expression is our identity.  Support Christian products here in our store!

Kingstone Media brings us an excellent presentation of the Word of God designed for young men and woman to perceive the images of the Bible through the counsel of God.  When we were young, the Bible seemed to a book that was difficult to understand and boring to read.  The beauty of the King James Version took precedence over our ability to understand it.  Thanks be to God today we are free to explore many ways to tell the stories of God's Word.  Not losing our reverence for its Divine impartation, but being determined that the Word of God should be understandable to every person at every age.  We stand in faith,believing that our efforts to overcome the noise of the modern world with the images of the scriptures will be effective through comic book imagery derived from His Word.  Please support Christian comics here on the Christian Library on Demand website.

FaithLauncher.com brings the possibility of new content developed by our Christian communities.  FaithLauncher is a platform where the actual mechanism to achieve dreams is made available to the whole world.  Now anyone who has a dream, can seek the support of the Christian community.  We welcome new entertainment programming and offer guaranteed distribution for those who are successful through FaithLauncher.com

Our friends at Christian Film Database bring a world of information to our audience.  For those who believe that there is not a lot of good faith based entertainment out there, they will be surprised and delighted at the great volume of produced Christian content.  Many of our titles are listed in the database and our content is often reviewed by Annelie Rudlaff, of CFDb.com. 

Believer's Today is our first non-profit partnership and our first overseas partnership.  They bring access to our Japanese and South Korean Christian family.  Their supportive efforts have spanned musical events, local partnerships to direct marketing across the nation.  Jett Edwards, its founder, is our eyes and ears from an Asian perspective, giving us insight on responses to our programming and our app.  We are supporting the efforts of US based non-profits in the Asian region because of Jett's efforts.  They are a taste of the Future.  Christians from around the world will promote their efforts on our Apps and reach the Christian community worldwide.  Believer's Today is our foundation partner for a global Christian entertainment brand.

Faith Filled Family Magazine brings a Christian worldview to our platforms.  We know that we must be more than just TV shows if our platforms will truly be of value to the Christian community.  So Faith Filled Family Magazine brings perspective to our apps.  The truth of many of life's issues is often obscured in the media.  Their stories are often heavily promoted only to let you down with little or no information of true substance or empowerment.  Faith Filled Family Magazine brings substance and power to its readers.  We want to bring the best to our users.

Halleluyah Radio Canada was our first North American partner.  Alexander Coleman is a great friend who links us to the Christian community in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.  We know that we can make a difference when we partner together.  Halleluyah Radio has consistently promoted our EnLive brand and we will consistently promote them on all our platforms.  They are a highly dedicated partner who participates in the growth of our new business.  We believe in partnerships and we know that our future will be brighter because of partners like Halleluyah Radio Canada. Click their station link to listen in on our home page.

John W. Kennedy, a practicing Catholic, is the founder of Creative Universe/JWKMEDIA, a script development and consulting company focusing on positive entertainment. He is an author of children’s books and has worked as a producer/writer for CNN and Fox.  John has written several articles spot-lighting the CLD and our talents.  We greatly appreciate John's efforts and welcome him as a CLD partner!

We seek partners in all Christian industries.  I Tutor You Tutor has created a lifetime of connections to the music industry that Donnie will use to create quality relationships for the CLD.  OwneDonnie Mack has 15 years of radio, retail promotions and marketing. He is the founder of "CAB" (Covering All Bases) music industry workshop and seminars. He has a diverse promotions background in the record industry in both the general and Christian markets, (Jazz, Blues, Latin Pop, Southern Soul, Inspirational Christian Hip Hop, Christian rock, Comedy, Spoken Word and Traditional Gospel).  With Donnie's help we will create relationships which will help the CLD to grow and serve the Christian and family friendly audience with excellence.  Contact Donnie for information on promoting your artist on CLD platforms.

Produced by The Creative Universe Entertainment, Higher Hollywood is a show business news site covering faith-based, inspirational and family-friendly media. Founder John W. Kennedy also writes the daily Faith, Media & Culture blog for Beliefnet.com.

Art has always been at the heart of Christianity.  We continue that tradition by featuring beautiful images that you can purchase for your own home.  Our new featured photographic artist Juergen Roth finds inspiration in Boston, Massachusetts and the nearby wildlife sanctuaries, landscapes and seascapes of New England’s National State Parks and Forests.  An immigrant from eastern Germany, Juergen moved to the USA in 2001.  His award winning art is published in books and magazines.  Juergen's art is available for browsing on the EnLive Smart TV App. You can see his images full screen and in high resolution on your HDTV.  This is the value we bring to our viewers at the CLD!

Janice Sullivan, owner of Sullivan J Photography, has been on the cover of Outdoor Photography and has been published in Popular Photography for her tips on her fine art images and macro lens paintings. She has a collection of photographs on display at the University of La Verne in Southern California and has won Best in World for her flower photography. She has provided her work to Art Consultants and Interior Designers for their projects on hotels and professional businesses. Janice currently volunteers and shares her love of photography with her community. Find her great talent on the EnLive Smart TV App!

Carl Jackson Motion Pictures Studios is our partner in our quest for original Christian entertainment content.  Carl's Christian upbringing and critical eye on the truth of our faith makes his content introspective, inspirational, humorous and bright.  Our efforts to find Christian content which is not simplistic, drawn from a competitive outlook, nor easily given to unethical rhetoric, or negative world views means that we find special content producers who are willing to create Christian content with depth and drama.  We desire to explore new ideas in Christian content showcasing the broad spectrum of life and experiences of Christian people worldwide.  Carl Jackson motion picture studios is here to help us achieve this outcome.   

Christian Music Recording Service and Christian Recording Studio in Nashville. Album Production for Christian Music Artists, helping start a Music Ministry, Information + tip center for Christian Songwriters providing competitive Songwriter demos, Artist demos, and album production for competing in the music business located in Nashville, TN.
Having fallen in love with the Rocky Mountains at an early age, AL is settled in Colorado in 2002, and has since continued to expand his photography services to include fine portraiture and photojournalism, as well as advertising, products, travel, and fine art photography. He shoots regionally and nationally on location for many small, distinguished businesses and Fortune 100 & 500 corporations. His imagery is displayed in many private collections, and has been widely disseminated in national advertising and trade publications, local and national magazines, business collateral of all types, office lobbies, corporate websites, and television commercials.  Al's art is available on the EnLive Smart TV App!
David Wallace is a graphic artist with an eye for excellence.  He is the owner of Total Prayze Entertainment Group and his work is impressive.  Total Prayze Entertainment Group LLC is a leading Black Gospel & Christian multimedia entertainment company with a focus on music, TV, film and digital projects. David's company has many divisions which showcase his talent.  We welcome David's Total Prayze Entertainment Group to the Christian Library on Demand family.  You can find David's articles on Gospel Music artists in the Christian News Section of EnLive Smart TV Apps! 
Hollis Moore is a vibrant, humorous and adventurous educator who desires to share her spiritual insights with you!  She finds her place in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and through her adventures she shares testimony, knowledge and wisdom on living the Christian life.  Her new show "Moore From Life" is the first Christian Library on Demand original production and it is currently in development.  We hope to air the first episode in March of 2017 and more episodes thereafter.  The CLD is proud to present "Moore From Life" by Hollis Moore for free on EnLive Smart TV Apps!  Look for more information on "Moore From Life" TV program on EnLiveTV.com.  The CLD welcome sponsors for our original productions.

The Colorado Blizzard Arena Soccer team is an expansion team of the Major Arena Soccer League.  They are a new team with great talent and great prospects.  The CLD has become its video production and distribution partner.  Your can view LIVE Blizzard Soccer Games in the NEW ENLIVE tv mobile app!  The Blizzard Team is owned by Gary Faircloth and Lead by Ed Hooks Jr.  Through their leadership this team has rocketed off the start to a great beginning in the Denver Metro Area.  The CLD is always searching for great family friendly content.  Live sports is our next step in that journey.  Look for replays of the Colorado Blizzard Games in EnLive Smart TV Apps soon in the Subscription Section.  Subscribe and a portion of your subscription will go to the Colorado Blizzard Youth Development Foundation.  The CLD is proud to produce and carry Colorado Blizzard Arena Soccer Games and great family-friendly experience!

CYMTV (short for CyberMedia Television) was founded in 2005 with the mission to provide TV services over the internet. In 2010, CYMTV has developed the Pluggy concept, which combines virtual CDN, state-of-the-art hardware with a software and management system , a game-changer for plug-and-play OTT TV and Digital Signage.

Since 2010 CYMTV is expanding fast and global it's StreamUnlimited service, the first ground-breaking and API based streaming technology that saves up to 90% on streaming bandwidth, and has many international customers that have the technology in use.  Today CYMTV is a strong partner of the CLD.  Together we have developed a new set of tools which allow anyone to build their own TV channel.  The CLD now represents CYMTV here in the CLD and can offer you high quality Live streaming and virtual TV channels for your organization. Visit our Live Streaming and Virtual Channels webpages for more information.