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Christian Library On Demand

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Cybermedia Television releases entry level TV scheduler and launches its first TV station with CLD

Reviewing WholyFit: A Yoga Alternative

Visions of the Rocky Mountains

The Complete Guide to Watching Christian Movies and TV Online

Eight under the radar faith/media innovators you should know about

After Human Trafficking, Abuse and Addiction Beauty Products Bring Restoration to Women

An Online Video is Business Opportunity Come Full Circle


A 3rd Primer on Independent Music Sales and Niche Markets

A Music Primer 2 on Independent Music Sales and Niche Markets

A Primer on Music Sales for the Independent Music Artist or New Music Label

A New Christian Music Artist Can Sell Their Music for a Living using the CLD

A Secret of Advertising and Marketing Revealed!

A Christian Writer with Real Answers for Women, promoted by the CLD

Escape from WWII Germany, 
A Story of Faith and Deliverance

Aggressive Marketing for Authors and Music Talent

Marketing is an Investment Not a Cost

Your Attention is Worth Money, So Think Before you Pay It

Photographic Art and its 
Relevance to Christianity

Small Business Advertising just 
Reached the Next Level

Church Productivity can be 
Harnessed to Support Ministry

How will Christian Colleges Survive?

Non-Profits can Build Audiences just like Corporations do on Television

The CLD Connects Small Ad Budgets to Large Audiences

The CLD Reaches out to Christian Radio

CLD able to Reach 100 Million Households

Write up and Profile on the CLD

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EnLive Smart TV App on Samsung Smart Hub!


The Christian Library on Demand presents a step by step instruction manual on how to save money on Entertainment. Just CLICK the Tumblr Logo to the left.

 New Christian Streaming Video App Serves International Audience

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The New EnLive Connected TV App

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EnLive on cable VOD is Now EnLive Connected TV!