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Christian Entertainment Analytics (CEA) Overview

In 2012, as the CLD entered the video-on-demand market, there were no true measurements for the effectiveness of faith-based entertainment.  The industry depended upon the one-off nature of a successful film once a decade to determine the validity of faith-based entertainment.  Today, faith-based films are more prevalent, and there were several channels starting to do faith-based game-shows, talk shows and more.  However, there has been a lull in faith-based entertainment which is caused by its basic dependence upon the entertainment industry and its embedding with the entertainment industry.  Although it was wise for the first pioneers not to reject the entertainment industry, but to attempt to change it from within.  And we are seeing more faith portrayals and more faith-based programming than ever before as a result of their efforts, it is still a trickle of content designed to placate the enormous faith community.  The CLD believes that we deserve 10 times the content produced our on behalf by the industry and we have a plan to accomplish this vision.  

Entertainment is both a canary in the coal mine and a driver of the thoughts which permeate a culture.  The CLD believes that entertainment must reinforce Biblical wisdom and insight.  Humans must be challenged to look beyond the material and see the dangers and opportunities of the spirit.  Entertainment if used wisely can foster faith, citizenship, inspire problem-solving and permeate our culture with positive-thinking and outcomes.  It is our goal to build and track a portfolio of family-friendly and faith-based content that not only entertains but challenges our audiences to awaken.

The CLD has developed a tracking system which will allow us to truly deliver on this promise to develop and create faith-based entertainment in a sustainable fashion.  We will track our channels and video-on-demand content in real-time and make that information available to advertisers who wish to support our faith-based content.  Christian entertainment can no longer depend upon the entertainment industry for its opportunities and development.  We will develop, deploy and deliver entertainment which we can properly monetize by standing on our own.

The CLD has great things to come, please support our efforts by subscribing to EnLive Smart TV Apps and watch for us on cable and Broadcast TV.  EnLive will also soon debut its new live stream apps.  Soon faith-based entertainment will stand on its own. 

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