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Christian Library On Demand

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Welcome to Christian Library on Demand

We are a Christian entertainment company specializing in Christian and family-friendly TV shows and movies. We offer FREE promos, previews,
trailers and full length TV shows and movies on the EnLive Smart TV Apps. You can access our programming by downloading EnLive fom your smart TV app store.

EnLive Smart TV Apps has:
Christian Movies - We have Independent Film Directors from around the world making film about Christian subjects which go unexplored in popular media and faith-based film as well.  There are differences between faith-based movies, evangelical movies, family-friendly movies, and apocalyptic movies with Sci-fi themes.  Come and see them all on EnLive Smart TV Apps!

Christian Documentaries - We have stories of persecuted Christians, the testimonies of the reformed, as well we explore scriptural implications on scientific theory that will amaze and inform you.
Christian Lifestyles TV shows - We are innovating with new TV shows which explore the Christian journey in depth, while exploring the beauty of the natural world.

Christian Kids TV shows - We have the best Christian children's TV shows and segments from all over the world.  From infant to big kids we have TV shows that reflect your values.

Christian Drama Short Films - Independent Directors cut their teeth on dramatic short films and we have a full selection.  Support your favorite Indy director by renting their dramatic short on Pay-per-view today!

Christian Sports TV shows - Jess Stainbrook is an Grammy Award winning pioneer in Christian sports TV and his programming is part of our core library.  Jess' Faith and Sports Programming Network features Superbowl event programming.  We are proud to carry his Faith, Family and Football programs on EnLive Smart TV Apps.  

Christian Music Videos and News - We have a growing selection of Christian music talent as well as music videos.  You can enjoy hours of music from all over the world.
We know families are looking for a source of safe entertainment, as well as programming that offers the opportunity to introduce issues and topics that make for "teachable" moments and quality discussions. We provide a safe venue for whole family to enjoy. 

We are seeking program sponsors 

Business, NGOs and Churches are often excellent organizations.  They are great at their heavenly mission, but few earthly Christians know their stories.  Often when they attempt to use mass communications it is too expensive!  The Christian Library on Demand is here to serve you.  We offer the same reach and distribution as any cable or television channel but our rates are reasonable and you are sponsoring Christian entertainment!  Visit our sponsorship page to learn more! Click here!  SPONSOR CHRISTIAN ENTERTAINMENT!

We welcome your input

It is our mission to make the Christian Library on Demand a resource for the Christian community and we welcome your input. Let us know what you think of our programming.  If you produce programming or have an idea for programming, let us know. Tell us what's on your mind:  info@christianlibraryondemand.com 


The Christian Library On Demand, LLC invites you to invest in us.  We welcome new partners in the business.  Contact us for more information.

As our organization develops more production capabilities we are seeking a TV director for a soap opera and a film director for our first film.  If you have a passion for production and faith-based film please contact us.


Today we are producing our first television show for distribution on our own streaming video platforms.  Do you have production skills?  Please contact us and submit your film experiences.  We welcome your enthusiasm and your willingness to help us establish our new flow of original content. 



Why build your own app when you can use ours for pennies on the dollar?

Contact us today and join our ever growing network of partners focused on bringing quality values-based entertainment to audiences everywhere!

WMGW has an existing catalog of CD's, Digital Downloads, and DVD titles that are Distributed in over 100 countries.

Halleluyah Radio, based in Regina, Saskatchewan, is a Christian internet radio station dedicated to the praise and worship of Jesus Christ. 

Believers Today is an Outreach Organization, founded by Jett Edwards in 2010, with a vast network of human & technological resources dedicated to uplifting the spirits and hearts of others through the power of music. 

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